The O.P. C.O.P.LA. has obtained GLOBALGAP certification under Option 2 (certificate n. CQ 1114 issued by Certiquality srl) for followings products: Tomato, Courgette, Cucumber, Salad, Radish, Arugola, Eggplant, Pepper, Mushrooms.

The C.O.P.LA. Consortium was born in 1965 as a Cooperative Consortium and it began its commercial activity in 2004 from the merger of three historical agricultural cooperatives of the plain of Fondi (LT): G.P.Serra, O.P. San Raffaele and O.P COPAS.

The Boards of directors of the three societies have strongly wanted this aggregation to establish a great cooperative pole that can face the market in the best way through the concentration of products.

Working is made at the processing establishment situated in Fondi (LT) in the place Pantanello and sale is in national and foreign markets.

The O.P. C.O.P.LA. is at this moment recognized by the Region Lazio as Producers Organisation under Council Regulation (EC) 2200/96 and Council Regulation (EC) 1234/2007 and 1580/2007, it associates about 200 agricultural companies in the district of Fondi, Sperlonga and Monte S. Biagio, remaining faithful to the native spirit, with the care to strengthen the economic situation of the single partners through the cohesive collaboration among them.

With a production of around 3.250.000,00 quintals and an invested surface of around 400ha, the O.P. C.O.P.LA. represents one of the most greater productive realities of the territory.

Main objective that moves the O.P. C.O.P.LA. action is the associated promotion and valorization of fruit and vegetable production in national and international market satisfying, at the same time, the different demands coming from wholesale, Organized Distribution and retail markets, thanks to the selling of quality and salubriousness guaranteed products.