The O.P. C.O.P.LA. has got a modern structure of around 3.000 mqs. to process product at controlled temperature.

The structure rely on a technical support service of full time employees in the management of the technical problems, in the application of the productive disciplinary and in the connected activities of certification processes.

Inside the structure, following working lines are available

Green Tomato Working Line

The tomato working line allows brushing, washing and electronic selection weight/colour of fruit. The line succeed in working fruits with diameter between 40 mm and 100 mms with a speed of 45/50 q./hour.

Weighing and filling line

The line is composed in this way: hopper deposit with capacity of 20 Kg. around; power supply with widening rotating rolls with canalizations and singulator; weighing system through loading cells; bucket deposit for transport of fruits to discharge conveyor belt; n. 4 containers for the weight formation; n. 2 independent conveyor belts. The machinery has an absolute weight precision and a variable weighing system from 0.5 to 1 kg for pack. It has got an automatic net machinery for baskets from 0.5 to 2 Kg. with complete electronic encoder and rotating table. The machinery packs fruits and vegetables. Working capacity is n. 4850 packs/hour (packs of 1 kg).

N. 6 Packaging bench with rotating system

Total length is mt. 24, there are n. 24 working postings. The bench is motorized type with full and empty packings conveyers and with adaptor motor group composed by:
n. 4 header benches;
n. 4 complete curves of carriages to move full and empty cases;
n. 4 ribbon conveyors in PVC for ended product.

Radish Working line

An inox steel radish working line is composed by:
n. 1 prewashing tank;
n. 1 goose neck belt conveyor for product extraction;
n. 1 washing tank;
n. 1 bypass system;
n. 1 conveyor to extraction product;
n. 1 belt conveyor caged product;
n. 6 caged benches;
n. 1 empty belt conveyor;
n. 1 end of line roller conveyor belt;
n. 1 electrical panel with low voltage control.

Flowpack Working line

Production of heat-sealed packets. Also with European hold. Made in Italy.” Heat-sealed packets for loose products as Arucola, Hot Peppers, Basil, Salads, Herbs, Celery Heart, Puntarelle and single fruits vegetables, etc.

Automatic system for tray packaging

The Automatic system for tray packaging allows the working of product in shrink wrapping trays. It has got a capacity of around 50 packs/minute